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7 Days To Die Performance Server -
-Automated, your server starts installing the moment you pay.
-Save 10% on player slots for life by paying Quarterly or longer.
-Minimum purchase of 10 slots(Less can be used) Max of 64.
-TCAdmin2 Control Panel included for free
-Telnet, FTP, Web Console, Log Viewer and more available.
-Alloc's server improvements and other 3rd party mods available with one click install.
-Custom Scheduled and Automatic updates available.
-One click updates instantly available. Click Steam Update to update your server automatically.
-One click Experimental Branch updates also available.
-Enterprise Dedicated Server Hardware, 32GB of RAM or more, all game server files on SSD, best bandwidth available in each location.
-Don't want the server any more for any reason? Use our pro-rated refund to get the remaining time back as a refund to your payment source.
-Upgrade and Downgrade at any time
-Ability to load older versions of 7daystodie

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